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Let me introduce myself!  My name is Beth C. Sterling, and my husband Peter and I are owners of PB Sterling WoolNook & Mill, LLC.  PB Sterling WoolNook & Mill, LLC began from my passion for the "Homestead Life".  Growing out of this passion, the journey into learning how to knit began.  What a wonderful way to relax;  natural yarn and knitting needles clicking while making a hat, scarf, afghan, sweater etc. with love.

Naturally, I yearned to learn more. That coupled with my love of animals I delved into the natural fiber world and spinning yarn, processing fiber by hand, production knitting, crocheting (which I actually started first many moons ago), dyeing, teaching, designing and weaving.  To date, I own a Lendrum Spinning Wheel, and an Ashford Country Spinner which are just fabulous. I own French Angora rabbits, and looking into silkworms.

Growing up a country girl, and definitely one at heart, my other interests include:  my other passion - computers (design and hardware),  herb gardening, square foot vegetable gardening, canning, cooking/baking, sewing, reading (favorites being Debbie Macomber, all the knitting fiction books and mysteries, Beverly Lewis, Lynn Austin and many more) (Oh and I can't forget Country Woman, Farm and Ranch, Taste of Home, and Countryside magazines.), definitely an eclectic taste of music from bluegrass to opera, singing, spending quality time with my girls (2 beautiful daughters), communing with Mother Earth, and walking/hiking (preferably in the country).  And I can't forget the joy and satisfaction of making hand churned butter, homemade soap, hand lotion, candles, lip balm, and cheese.  One of my favorite catalogs is Lehman's.  Their product line is mainly NON-electric items.  They are located in Ohio.  You can visit them at My dream in life is to own a Homestead and possibly have my own cow (milk and butter) chickens (eggs), a few Nubian or Toggenburg goats (milk, cheese, soap), a horse to ride and pull a wagon, but I would settle for a place with just bigger gardens to can and freeze fresh homegrown veggies, herbs, and fruit trees.   My husband Peter is in charge of the maintenance. He has worked for High Steel Structures in Lancaster, PA for over 25 years as a maintenance technician. What can I say. He's my best friend and the most amazing husband and father. And don't forget the most important part of a home............LOVE! Thanks for getting to know me.  Enjoy the website.